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Professional Services
With almost 20 years of environmental consulting services, East & Associates can provide you with a cost-efficient environmental assessment report on your property. Our experience involves completion of hundreds of ESA reports on commercial properties ranging from a vacant “pad site” to a 10,000-acre cattle ranch with past and present oil and gas production.

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We're happy to send you a sample of our different report types. Upon reviewing our work, you will see the quality difference from East & Associates. We are also more than happy to present our samples in person -- please let us know.

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Specific Experience
We've worked with several different real estate decision makers, including national and regional banks, developers, and other financial institutions.
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Client Consulting Services

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
         East & Associates provides professional Phase I ESA reports for the investigation of environmental risk factors both and and/or near the subject property that could affect its value or use. A comprehensive physical and historical review of the subject property is completed to determine potential environmental liability. The scope of service of the Phase I ESA report is completed to the current ASTM E 1527-05 and EPA AAI standards.

Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
         The Transaction Screen Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is a limited environmental review of a property, with a scope of work intended to be less than a Phase I ESA. The Transaction Screen ESA report is generally prepared for low risk properties. The Transaction Screen ESA report is completed in general accordance to the ASTM Standard E-1528-06. This practice is designed to identify Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) in connection with a property and does not necessarily require the judgment of an Environmental Professional (EP) as defined in the ASTM Standard E 1527-05 standards. This report offers an economical savings over a Phase I ESA report.

Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Letter Reports
         The ESA Letter Report is a custom-styled report that includes a limited physical review of the property. The report includes current aerial photographs, site photographs, site maps, flood map, topographical map and a regulatory database report. Typically, the historical review of the subject property is not part of the scope of service of the ESA Letter Report. This report is intended for a low capped loan that the lender deems a minimum environmental risk property. This report offers an economical savings over a Transaction Screen ESA. The results of the ESA Letter Report will conclude either that no Potential Environmental Concerns (PECs) are present; therefore no further inquiry is necessary or that PECs are identified, which require further inquiry to evaluate the identified potential environmental concerns. Further inquiry could be proceeding to either a Transaction Screen ESA or a Phase I ESA.
Desktop Review Environmental Letter Reports

     The Desktop Review Environmental Letter Report was developed in response to the Small Business Administration (SBA) SOP 50-10(5) Lender and Development Company loan programs. The scope of service for this report does not include a site visit.  East & Associates, Inc. will furnish the client with the Environmental FirstSearch custom environmental questionnaire.  The document will be completed by our client and returned to our company.  The questionnaire along with the address information will be submitted to FirstSearch and will flow seamlessly into the FirstSearch software.  The regulatory database company will then downloaded the FirstSearch Environmental Action Analysis report to our firm for review purposes. This report analyzes and interprets the database search results and is fully integrated with the environmental questionnaire.  The database report combines the results of the questionnaire with the results of the database report to provide a recommended course of action.

         Our research team will complete a review of historical city directories, fire insurance maps and available aerials from the local library.  In addition to reviewing the documentation from library sources, our Environmental Professional (EP) will review the regulatory database, the FirstSearch action analysis level of risk statement and provide a letter report to our client.  The letter report will be submitted with a recommendation as to the environmental risk associated with the loan giving the lender a clear course of action as to the next step in the loan process.
General Consulting Services
         East & Associates performs an array of general environmental consulting services. Some of these consulting services include the review and audit of prior environmental reports, utilizing Internet database sources and in-house mapping programs to determine potential environmental risk factors, providing regulatory database reports, historical review, and other additional environmental services required by client needs.
Additional Services With Our Strategic Alliance Partners
         East & Associates has formed strategic alliances with environmental consulting, contracting and service companies. These alliances allow us to offer a broad range of environmental services, including:
    - Wetlands Determination - LPST Corrective Action Proj Mgmt
    - Endangered Species Review - TCEQ Licensed Corrective Action
    - Specific Environmental Data Services - Phase III Remediation Services
    - Phase II ESAs - SARA 313 Reporting
    - Economic Analysis and Options - Environmental Regulations Training
    - Risk Reduction Consulting - Policy & Procedure Dev/Implement
    - VCP/IOP Applications and Consulting - Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
    - Groundwater Monitoring - Asbestos Services
    - PST Closures and Assessments - Emergency Response/Abatement
    - Environmental Regulatory Compliance Expertise for Waste, Wastewater, Storm Water, Groundwater, and Spill Response - Lead-based Paint/Mold Inspection and Management Services
- Litigation Support
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