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Company Overview
East & Associates specializes in the environmental consulting business for the commercial real estate industry. Nearing our twentieth year of business, our independent consulting services and project management expertise cover a broad range of the environmental spectrum.

Experienced Team
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Strong Credentials
Richard D. East President
Ann F. East Vice President
Kimberly Casey Hydrogeologist
Bernadette Chiasson Environmental Scientist
Connie Franco Researcher
Professional Services
We offer a spectrum of environmental consulting and project management services, covering real estate deals to complex hazards.
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P. O. Box 691566
Houston, Texas 77269-1566
281.580.3363 | office
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Company Focus
The key to the successful completion of a real estate transaction is to know the potential risk of exposure to any liabilities and to incorporate those risks in the evaluation. The most logical approach to handling these environmental hazards is to become informed about the problems so they can be appropriately managed. It is our goal to meet every customer’s need for environmental consulting or project management services in a prompt and professional manner.

Our company has furnished hundreds of environmental assessment reports to financial institutions, real estate developers, investors, and individuals. The environmental site assessment reports are completed in a timely manner. Once our clients understand the environmental issues and the potential ramifications, we outline various courses of action with our goal toward minimizing costs and lessening current or potential liabilities.
Delivering For Clients
A Phase I ESA report completed by our firm will accomplish this task. Prior to the initial site visit, our in-house mapping programs allow us to print a regulatory hazards map and database based on ASTM/AAI standards. During the site inspection and review of nearby properties, these plotted hazards sites can be confirmed and field notes can be taken. The comprehensive historical city directory review section of a Phase I ESA report combines the county appraisal district property information, aerial photograph summary along with the city directory review of the study site and the adjacent properties. The report is prepared to current ASTM/AAI standards.

Our clients requested our firm to develop an economical environment assessment report that could be used for the smaller dollar amount and less risk potential commercial loans. The ESA Letter Report can be used by the lender for these low-capped loan applications. This letter report addresses details regarding the limited site inspection and information involving the adjacent properties. Appendices include a current aerial photograph, site photographs, site maps, flood map, topographical map and regulatory database report. Many of our customers have indicated that the ESA Letter Report is an effective tool to use during the loan renewal process on some of the commercial real estate loans they have in their current portfolios.
  Company Team Bios
Richard D. East


Since 1965, Richard East has built his career in the oilfield supply and service industry. During these years, Mr. East has held executive level administrative duties for three oilfield and industrial supply firms. Under Mr. East’s direction, starting in 1989, the company began providing professional environmental consulting and project management services to banking, financial, investment, real estate land development, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation, legal, governmental and other entities.

Mr. East received an undergraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Tulsa. Mr. East has attended seminars in Superfund, Underground Storage Tanks, Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Disposal to complement his vast work experience in the oilfield and in environmental consulting.

Mr. East is an active member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) and the Texas Association of Environmental Professionals (TAEP).    <Back To Top>
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Ann F . East

Vice President

Ann East is responsible for obtaining regulatory compliance information required on Phase I environmental site assessments. Mrs. East compiles all special resources review information and communicates with various state agencies to secure the most current information available on a site-specific basis.

Customer confidentiality and information security is East & Associates, Inc.’s commitment to the client. Mrs. East maintains the client files, reports and other documentation and is responsible for information security issues. Mrs. East is also responsible for the coordination of site visits by the professional site investigators and the completion of the final report in a timely manner to the client.  <Back To Top>

Kimberly Casey



Ms. Casey is a hydrogeologist with more than seventeen years of experience in the environmental industry specializing in soils and groundwater investigations, and aquifer remediation projects. She has been actively involved in and responsible for all phases of hydrogeologic site assessments and remediation. She has experience in all phases of sites activities including emergency response action, subsurface environmental site assessments, PST closures, risk-based site assessments, risk-based regulatory closures, soil and groundwater remediation, groundwater management, multimedia remediation, divestiture-related due diligence activities for clients in the oil and gas industry, petroleum marketing field, commercial/industrial markets, law firms, and banking industry.

Ms. Casey graduated from Sam Houston State University and is licensed by the TCEQ as a corrective action project manager. (CAPM00465). Other professional registrations include the Texas Professional Geoscientist (No. 4870), American Institute of Professional Geologists (CPG-10221), and the State of Colorado PST-Listed Consultant (No. C277).  <Back To Top>

Bernadette Chiasson

Environmental Scientist

Ms. Chiasson is an environmental scientist with over 20 years experience in the environmental industry specializing in environmental regulatory compliance. Her regulatory compliance expertise includes waste, wastewater, storm water, groundwater and spill response. She has experience in Phase I site assessments, risk assessment, SARA 313 reporting, environmental regulations training, and policy and procedure development and implementation. Clients include oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry, refineries, coal industry, and small businesses requiring environmental compliance assistance.

Ms. Chiasson graduated from Newcomb College at Tulane University with a B.S. in Biology and from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with a MSPH in Environmental Science. She is a member of the Delta Omega Public Health Honor Society, Texas Association of Environmental Professionals and National Registry of Environmental Professionals (No. 4057).  <Back To Top>

Connie Franco


Connie Franco has more than twenty-five years experience in abstracting and examining deed records for several large title companies. Mrs. Franco’s experience covers both real estate and the oil and gas industry. In addition to gathering the necessary deed and title information to prepare a 50-year recorded chain of title, Connie Franco also performs other duties for East & Associates, Inc. These duties include specific historical research involving city directories, oil and gas records and site-specific deed research.  <Back To Top>
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